Tipping facilities

We provide a tipping facility charged on a per tonne basis @ £180 inc Vat per tonne with a minimum charge of £50 this is for mixed general waste. Please call for prices for clean inert waste, green waste, card and tyres.

M.R.F. (Material recovery facility)

All waste that enters the site is assessed for suitability and then processed through our MRF plant. The waste is separated to recover all recyclable waste to reduce the waste going to landfill.


We supply mobile and static compaction units for all types of waste.If you produce vast amounts of waste it may be more cost effective to use a compactor, due to lower transport costs.  

Vehicle Hire

We hire out our 32 tonne tippers, hook loaders and skip trucks on a hourly,daily and weekly basis.You can hire with or without drivers and even pay on a per load basis if that suits your requirements

Purchase Of Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals

You can bring your metals to our site, we will then weigh it and pay the money into your bank account, We can collect your scrap, but there may be a charge.

Items we will buy

All types of steel





All copper wire

Please contact us for any metals not listed.

Crushed Stone

We supply type one,6F1 + 6F2 crushed stone in any quantity up to 20 ton loads. Certification can be supplied on request.

Plant Hire

Our 13 Ton Excavator can be hired, with or without an operator for any time period. We also have a concrete breaker for hire that fits this excavator.



We can collect and receive large amounts of tyres of all sizes, with or without wheels.

The tyres are then shredded and then the rubber is used to make insulation/ matting and children play ground flooring plus much more. 


All clean cardboard is compacted on site then delived to the recyclers to be reused to make new card products.


All timber is recovered to be recycled and to help reduce the reliance on landfill sites. 


Clean plasterboard is collected and is then delivered to a gypsum recycling facility.


UPVC is recovered from our mixed waste streams and recycled.